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Manicure set "MULTI" from STALEKS

Home nail care is impossible without the use of special tools. The universal set for manicure from the STALEKS company consists of 6 items for treating the cuticle, nail plate and eyebrow shaping. A dense case made of genuine leather reliably protects the contents from dust and mechanical damage during transportation or storage.

Complete set for manicure "MULTI"

  1. CLASSIC 61 TYPE 2 nail scissors with wide, thick blades that follow the shape of the nail. Suitable for correcting nails of any density. Smooth running, hand-sharpened blades and standard ring sizes ensure easy handling.
  2. Leather clippers CLASSIC 10 8 mm with a small working part of a convenient shape. Suitable for removing cuticles and treating periungual ridges. Careful polishing of the hinge and its areas ensures smooth and easy closing of the handles.
  3. Clipper BEAUTY & CARE 10 compact size. Ideal for working with medium thick nail plates. Slightly curved blades reduce the likelihood of nail delamination, and the secure design allows the tool to be used for children's nail care.
  4. Laser file EXPERT 10 110 mm. It is used to eliminate sharp corners and irregularities on the nail plate, polish cuticles and rough skin on the lateral ridges. Suitable for weak nails prone to flaking.
  5. Eyebrow tweezers CLASSIC 10 TYPE 3 with slightly beveled working blades. Allows you to capture hairs of different lengths and densities. The notches on the handles help to securely hold the tool in the hand.
  6. The CLASSIC 20 TYPE 1 manicure spatula combines two working parts - a hatchet and a pusher. It is intended for cleaning the nail plate from overgrown cuticles and forming a hole.

The STALEKS manicure set is a set of elegant, hand-sharpened stainless medical steel instruments that will last for many years. A detailed description of the functions and technical characteristics of the tools are provided on the official website of the company.

You can buy a set for manicure in the STALEKS online store, specialized shop services in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities around the world.

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Staleks Pro Manicure Set
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