Marketing Secrets - Limited Edition Signed! - by Sam Biddle


The amazing Sam Biddle from the UK wrote this book especially for Nail Techs!

From “Aha” to “Oh shit”, I’m sharing everything I know about Marketing.

Before the idea of Marketing sends you running for cover.

Let me say you're one click away from learning how to make money, even if you don’t want to sell.

I can hear you sighing right now, We are two lines in and you don't believe this applies to you!

I’ll wait a second………

Believe it or not, I know what you're thinking.

  • “I have enough business thanks and I don’t have time to faff around looking for more”
  • “I’ve already tried marketing my business on social media and it doesn’t work.”
  • “I am just starting out so need to spend my money on my skills, not spend my money on marketing.”
  • “I am internet illiterate, I struggle working out how to use chip and pin”


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Marketing Secrets - Limited Edition Signed! - by Sam Biddle
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